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Scarecrow Press Inc., Maryland, 2010.

Knowledge is power, but this is especially true for teams carrying out a project. As in other arenas, the effective use of knowledge is possible only if it is readily accessible, well organized, properly analyzed, and competently disseminated to meet the project needs. Knowledge gained from project failures or successes is vital for the long term sustainability of organizations to compete in the business environment. This book focuses on the proper access and delivery methods for explicit knowledge in projects and also concentrates on tacit knowledge unknown and unavailable to most people in project environments.
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Cultural and social issues for knowledge sharing

Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol 13/2009

The comprehensive online survey, combined with personal interviews, supports the business transaction theory. According to this theory, knowledge sharing is based on a trading process. During this process, which can be regarded as information exchange process, people evaluate information on individual basis in an asymmetric way. Modern portfolio theory can help to understand the motivation behind this process. Motivators as well as morale hazards for knowledge sharing were detected.
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Knowledge Management - Competencies and Professionalism

Proceedings of the 2008 International Conference

This edited book contains papers from the 2008 International Conference on Knowledge Management to be held in Columbus, Ohio. The papers represent much of the best and most up-to-date work by researchers and practitioners in the field of knowledge management. It provides insights into the knowledge management practices within organization and discusses issues related to knowledge management competencies and professionalism. It is a good reference source for information and knowledge professionals and can be read by both graduate and undergraduate students.
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Das OMEGA-Prinzip

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